Pykori Wall-mounted Infrared Thermometers Aid The Back-To-School Season

On September 1, the school season in China is in full swing. Facing the school season, schools are bound to face the challenge of how to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic. Because many areas use hand-held infrared thermometers to pass manual screening, this method is inefficient, and it also exposes staff to dangerous situations, increasing the risk of cross-infection, so the scope of application is relatively limited. To this end, the wall-mounted non-contact infrared sensor independently developed and produced by Pykori will do its best to help the school start prevention and control!
At the same time, compared with handheld thermometers, Pykori wall-mounted infrared thermometers mainly rely on infrared remote temperature measurement to reduce contact between people and reduce the risk of infection. It is perfectly suitable for corporate offices and schools in urban areas. , Communities, public service places, government units and other application scenarios.
The Pykori wall-mounted infrared thermometer can control the accuracy of body temperature detection within ±0.2℃, and can achieve true long-distance non-contact temperature measurement within 20-30 cm in 1 second, avoiding cross-infection, and quickly identifying and identifying even when wearing a mask The accuracy can reach more than 99%. Simple, fast, safe and accurate judgment of whether there is abnormal body temperature of persons entering and exiting. Once a person with abnormal body temperature is found to enter and exit, it will automatically alarm to effectively prevent and control the spread of new crown virus; there is no stay after inspection, no contact in temperature measurement, 24 hours The temperature measurement function is automatically completed around the clock.

Post time: Sep-07-2020